The line of complex organic and mineral fertilizers "ECOMINERAL" from Open Company VPB-Agrozahid Ukraine is a real national Ukrainian product in which we have united many years of experience of agricultural enterprises and modern innovative production technologies. At present, the line "ECOMINERAL" includes fertilizers of grades N 28, N 30, N32, NP 11-42, NPK 5-11-26, NPK 22-7-7, NPK 8-19-29, NPK 17-17- 17, NPK 7-14-28, NPK 7-40-7, NPK 10-25-25 are made from only proven raw materials and comply with all necessary technological processes.

ECOMINERAL line has the optimal price / quality ratio, which is why its demand is constantly increasing and brings it to the leading positions of the Ukrainian market.

By developing the line "ECOMINAL" we have taken care of your country's yield, so we offer you a modern and high-quality national product.

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